Technology: A writer’s foe or friend?

It wasn’t until recently that I stopped being a writing snob. I wouldn’t give new technology a chance. In my mind, spending long periods of time on the Internet was for a younger generation that didn’t value the craft of writing.

Social networks, blogs, and the fast-tech pace of it all would interfere with any serious writing that I wanted to do. I had little time to write as it was; getting hooked into Twitter, Facebook, and other distractions could only lead to half-written stories wasting away in My Documents.

Does this thinking sound familiar? Technology: a foe, not a friend.

Then came the day when a family member shared her new blog. My curiosity piqued, I started to research, and surprise, surprise: here I am two years later with a writer’s blog of my own.

Did you ever read a definition for technology? Try this one:

The usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization to solve a problem or serve some purpose (Wikipedia).

I like that! The key words show how technology and writers are friends. Take a look:

  • Usage. Technology is an “action” word. Go ahead and use it! The only way technology will undermine your writing is if you let it. View it as a tool that sits next to your favorite writing tool and allow it to take your writing to the world.
  • Knowledge. What writer doesn’t like to have more of this? By learning about and using technology, a new world of knowledge is yours for writing inspiration. Part of my mission is to learn all I can about technology for writers. This blog is where I share that knowledge to you.
  • Solve a problem/Serve some purpose. I especially enjoy this part of technology’s definition. Do you see how writing fits in here? And the phrases lift technology to a noble place, with all its solving and serving!

Sounds like a good friend to me. Time for the embrace!

Question: Which types of technology do you use in your writing world?


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