Ten reasons to use WordPress for writing

Prior to discovering WordPress, my primary tool for writing had been Microsoft Word.  I know the program inside and out, after having used it for 20 years as part of my secretarial service. Nothing beats MS Word for cranking out reports, form letters, labels, tables, and other basics.

But when it comes to my creative writing, there’s no place I’d rather lay my words than inside a WordPress post editor box.

We writers have no lack of applications available to help us with our craft.  I looked at the top applications that target writers and will save my findings for another post. I wasn’t all that impressed with what I found and I think it’s because I’ve used WordPress for the past two years.

If you’re thinking about adding a new dimension to your writing or about starting a blog of your own, I recommend you start with WordPress. Here’s why I like it.

  1. It’s easy to use. Sign up. Choose a blog name. Choose a blog theme. Decide if you want a private blog or a public blog. Start writing. That’s it. The WordPress machine takes care of all the rest–updates, new themes, fixes, reminders. You’re the guest at a party with a host whose main concern is taking care of your needs.
  2. Choose public or private. Maybe you’re not ready to share your writing with the world. No worries: WordPress gives you options to keep readers and search engines out. Use WP as a place to store your writing collection. You can also share your password with a trusted friend.
  3. Published. And it sure looks good, whether you keep your words private or share them with the world. We writers do love to see our words in print, don’t we?
  4. Great reputation. WordPress has users from all around the world.  You will find that WordPress adds themes and improvements regularly, which gives its users a “living” product. During my two years with WordPress.com (and now with .org), I have had no technical problems that weren’t resolved quickly by the fine support system it offers its users.
  5. Write anywhere. With an online platform, you aren’t tied to your desktop. Just log in anywhere, on any computer, and you’re at your writing desk. The application saves drafts and revisions automatically while you’re in your WordPress editing screen. Your creations are never far from where you happen to be.
  6. Fabulous full screen mode. My favorite feature that WordPress recently added is the full screen mode. With the click of a few icons, all distractions to your screen disappear and a beautiful blank page is yours to fill.
  7. Themes to please. There are hundreds of themes available, and you can change the look of your blog when you’d like. WordPress is always adding new themes; most are free but there are premium themes that cost between $45 and $90.
  8. Community. If you’re interested in connecting with other writers, you’ll have no trouble finding them. WordPress hosts over 300,000 bloggers and encourages communication within its community
  9. User appreciation. WordPress goes out of its way to cater to its users with constant updates, new features, and serious attention to details.
  10. Free. If WordPress is hosting your site, then everything listed above only costs your time. Everything else is free. (Note that WP.com is not the same as WordPress.org, which is the self-hosted version and what I use to run Darla Writes.)

I love WordPress, but I must add one negative. Occasionally WordPress will run an ad on your blog that has nothing to do with your interests. But there is a way to make those ads disappear: pay a yearly fee.

Other than the ads, I am happy with WordPress. Give it a try! For an example of how a writer can put WordPress to use, visit Afternoon Tea, my online writing collection.

Question: What application do you use for writing and why do you like it?


2 thoughts on “Ten reasons to use WordPress for writing

  1. Personally I have been using WordPress for two weeks. I find it a lot less complicated than the google blog site I was using and it is Droid friendly so I can type on the go.
    The reputation as you mentioned is awesome; it’s wordpress. And FREE is always good.
    Great post


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