Practice the craft of writing in your everyday work

Are you a writer at heart but you’re occupied otherwise during the better part of your day (or night)? Well, join the club! I work a full-time job outside of my home. My writing goals, however, are not put aside when I leave for the office. I continue to strive for writing excellence at work, and I keep in mind that every document I produce is an advertisement for my writing skills. Whether it’s an email to parents, a “Thank you” note to board members, or the minutes to a meeting, I want that piece to be noticed by the reader in a positive way.

What about you? Do you reserve your best writing skills for personal use? If so, then I urge you to change that routine. Here are a few things for you to consider:

  • Don’t wait until you’re a full-time writer to start writing well.
  • In whatever occupation you have, make it your goal to be as careful with words there as if you were in your writer’s nook.
  • Carry your mission over into your workplace.
  • Write with a purpose and let that become a habit.
  • Use every writing opportunity that comes along to practice the craft of writing.

Writing well is critical to every occupation and is often the road to advancement. Sadly, though, many people entering the workforce today do not carry this important tool. Here’s good news for Darla Writes readers: I love the challenge of writing with correct word usage and grammar. That means I’ll be sharing with you what I learn as I bump into (and commit!) common writing mistakes.

If you have friends who are not writers but might benefit from a bit of writing inspiration, be sure to point them to Darla Writes. This is first a blog for those of us who love the craft of writing and want to make it the center of our lives. But I believe it is also useful to those who want to improve their writing skills.

So, the next time you head off to spend your hours away from the writing life, turn your time there into practice for what you’ll come home to at the end of the day.

Question: What everyday writing in your life could use your writer’s touch?


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