My type of Halloween treat: Books for writers

I work at a school, and today we had a Halloween Carnival for our students. We invited the parents and many of them worked the booths.

I was able to break away from overseeing the fun for a few minutes to check my email and noticed two books on my desk chair: If You Want To Write by Brenda Ueland and The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. And I knew just who to go searching for among the parents so that I could give my thanks.

Rhonda and her child joined our school family a few weeks ago and I came to learn that she is a fellow writer. Though she is fairly new to the writing life, Rhonda has had early success: several of her pieces have won writing competitions.

During one of our first conversations, she mentioned Julia Cameron’s book as being a great inspiration. So I knew that she was the one to thank when I saw those treats at my desk. And to top it off, when I told Rhonda I’d finish the books soon and return them, she told me not to worry. She bought them for me because her own copies are precious treasure and there is no parting with them. So, I get to add these to my best books for writers collection.

Now that I think of it — the real treat is having a new friend as kind as Rhonda.

Question: What’s your favorite sweet treat to eat while you’re writing? Mine is a Hershey Bar, one letter at a time.


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