You’re a writer, so call yourself one!

When I set up my Darla Writes Facebook, page, I had to choose a category. The obvious choice was “personal website,” but then I noticed the “People” category with its subgroups. Writer was one of those groups. My first thought was “Wow, how nice it would be to see ‘Writer’ listed on my page. One of these days …”

One of these days? Why not now?

So, I did it. When you visit my Facebook page, you will see that wonderful word right under my name, for the world to see.

Do you hesitate to call yourself a writer? When people ask what you do, is your love for writing proclaimed boldly or do you tack it on at the end of your list?

I challenge you to start calling yourself a writer — today.

But Darla — you ask — I’ve never had an article published. No one has paid me a dime for my words. I’ve never shown my work to a single soul. I can’t call myself a writer. How arrogant of me.

I’m here to tell you, in a cheerleader kind of way, that until you call yourself a writer, you will never actually be one. At least, that’s been my experience. One of my goals is to become a well-known published writer, but not having achieved that goal no longer stops me from calling myself a writer. It’s true that I found it hard to say for some time, but these days “I’m a writer” rolls off my tongue more easily every time the chance comes to say it.

I love to write. I am a writer.

Are you ready to call yourself a writer?

“Writer” at its most basic definition means “one who writes.” Many definitions of the word include occupation and profession, words that make us amateurs shrink from taking on the title. But if you love the craft of writing and you work at it with pleasure (or pain), then call yourself a writer. Don’t wait for others to say it. If you don’t think you are, why should they? You might even want to create a writer’s mission statement as a reminder of what you do.

I read a good article on the NaNoWriMo blog called “Faulkner, You Don’t Have a Story to Tell!” The authors mentioned in the article aren’t portrayed as having trouble calling themselves writers, but they do flash that “I’m a writer” attitude which led to some of the most enduring works ever written.

I’m not saying that you and I will ever be in the same literary league as William Faulkner. But we can claim the craft like he did. Won’t you join me and Mr. Faulkner?

Question: When do you think a person can take the title of “Writer”?


2 thoughts on “You’re a writer, so call yourself one!

    1. I’m going to create a Helpful Posts or Read These First page and include this one. As we saw on your blog post of the same topic, there are many writers who have a hard time calling themselves writers. Maybe this Ra-Ra post will help.


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