Kreativ Blogger award for Darla Writes

Beth of Limebird Writers (a blog of 12 writers) chose Darla Writes for a Kreativ Blogger award. Please visit their blog. Along with being a great support to writers, Limebird Writers are also a fun bunch and cause me to smile (and often laugh out loud) every time I visit.

The rules for receiving this award include a bit of “passing on” to fellow bloggers. When Limebird Writers themselves received the award, they were instructed to “pass on” the award to six other bloggers.

Limebird Beth decided “to go with 6 brand spanking new bloggers that I recently discovered through Limebird, whose blogs I enjoy reading.”

And that’s how I received a Kreativ Blogger award. Thanks, Beth and the rest of the Limebird Writers, for encouraging new writers.

Here are the bloggers to whom I pass on the Kreativ Blogger Award, mainly because they’ve been so helpful in my growth as a writer/blogger:

  1. Sonia Medeiros at Doing the Write Thing — My first follower when I took my writing “public” on Afternoon Tea. She had just started, too, and inspired me with her jump from “Hello, world” to social media pro in a half year’s time.
  2. Lilly at Apronhead — A writing sister of the same faith, an encourager, and a photographer.
  3. Natalie Sharpston — My first subscriber on Darla Writes. She’s not posting now so that she can focus on her manuscript, but the blog is still up for reading. I appreciate that she takes time away from her work to read my posts, and I want to honor her kindness with this award. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of her blog where she lists a good variety of writer resources. [UPDATE: Natalie is back to posting, so be sure to visit her blog.]
  4. John at TentBlogger — “Blogging for fun and for profit!” is his tag line. Though he’s not a writer per se, he’s included in this list because his blogging and tech knowledge is what I used to design and launch this site. TentBlogger is packed with treasure, freely and cheerfully given by John. I’m not sure if we’ll see this award on his sidebar (he has over 25,000 subscribers), but this list wouldn’t be complete without including him. [UPDATE: I believe John is now at 46K+ subscribers.]
  5. Writing Sisters — Laurie and Betsy found me on Afternoon Tea and I’m so glad they did. It’s a fairly new blog, too, but these sisters have been writing for over 20 years. And I love their posts. Now, they’re helping me and others keep our eyes on the Creator as we create.

The rest of the blogs I subscribe to are all Top 10 writers’ blogs or I just started reading them. So I would like to wait awhile to give my sixth award, if that’s OK with Beth. (It would have been Limebird Writers, but ….) I have a limited time for reading blogs, so I don’t subscribe to many just yet.

Another rule for receiving this award is to list 10 things you may not know about me:

  1. My family crossed the United States from Maine to California when I was a year old. In a car. With five kids under the age of eight.
  2. At my peak, I typed 104 words per minute.
  3. Häagen-Dazs Swiss Chocolate Almond is my favorite ice cream.
  4. For a period of time, I wanted to be a rock star. Chrissie Hynde was my idol. And I played a mean Telecaster.
  5. My brother burned down our house (accidentally) when we were kids. After counting the kids while the house was in flames, Mom realized I was still inside.
  6. I get to work all day at an elementary school!
  7. My cat’s name is Bandit because he stole my heart. (He has the mask, too.)
  8. I attend a church that, in 2012, will celebrate its 77th year, at the same location, serving the same God.
  9. I’m the Mom of a Star Wars nerd. (He says it’s my fault.) The original, 1977 version is the best and, yes, Han Solo shot first.
  10. I use PC and Mac.

Thanks, again, Limebird Writers. This is a great way for any writer to start the New Year.

Question: What blog has been most helpful to you as a writer?


9 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger award for Darla Writes

  1. Hi Darla,
    Great post. I landed on this page while googling the origins of the Kreativ Blogger award. My blog is pretty new, but one of my friends was gracious enough to choose me for the award. There’s so much great information here. I’m so glad I found your site! Look forward to reading more.


    1. Welcome to the blogosphere, Aiyana, and thanks for taking the time to visit mine. One of the best parts of being a blogger is meeting new people via comments. I stopped by your blog and see that you’re in NYC, a place I hope to visit someday. It must be an amazing place to live. Your About This Blog page is great. See my About page — I had the same worries about “another blog,” but I’m glad that didn’t stop either of us. Sure, there are a lot of blogs, but there’s only one Aiyana’s Pen!


  2. Thanks! It’s amazing it’s only been a year of blogging. Then again, it’s amazing it’s been a whole year of blogging! LOL. Eek on the cross country trip with 5 kiddos under 8. And dang on the 104wpm. I think my best typing has only been in the 50s. 😀


    1. It’s been a treat getting to know you, Sonia. Making the list here was a lot of fun. And — wouldn’t you know –a few of them gave me story ideas. Thanks for the “Like” on my Facebook page!


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