New design gives a facelift to Facebook pages

There’s a lot of activity going on over at Facebook, and I like it.

At the beginning of March, Facebook Page users were greeted with a message and a deadline: a new design (including the loved/hated timeline), will debut on all pages beginning March 30. I took the tour and was glad to note the new cover feature. For the six months that I’ve been a part of the social network, I’ve been unhappy with the Facebook look.

Until now. The changes soothe the senses of a neat freak like me. The large space given for cover art gives Page users opportunity to show off their personalities. I’ve given you a peak of my new cover. Be sure to stop by my Page for the full cover view and let me know what you think.

I like the look so much that I may start spending more time there, which I’m sure is Facebook’s goal with these changes. I’m beginning to understand how FB works and discovering how it can be useful and fun for writers and their followers.

Other new features include interest lists and the ability to have a static post (“pin”). A while ago I posted a question on my page about e-readers and wanted to use the results for an article. Before I got enough answers, though, the question was buried below the following posts, out of sight and out of mind. With the new pin feature, I can keep important posts, questions, polls, and photos at the top of the timeline until I remove it. Thank you, Facebook, for this one. It will be well used.

I don’t have a personal Facebook account. I use Facebook and other social media purely to promote the craft and business of writing along with my name and the work I produce. Pages are right for my purposes. Do you have a presence on Facebook? If you already have a profile (personal ) account, then you might think about creating a Facebook Page for your writing life. Don’t know the difference between the two? Then be on the lookout for upcoming posts here that explain Pages and why I (and others) think it’s a good idea to have one.

Question: How are you using Facebook in your writing life?


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