Buffer: Schedule and share your content automagically

Twitter is a great information resource for writers. I’m rarely there for the tweeting, but I’m all over it for the tweets. You will find authors, publishers, bloggers, and writers of every life stage sharing their advice and recommendations. One person I follow is veteran publisher and blogger Michael Hyatt, of Thomas Nelson. He recommended an app called Buffer, a scheduling tool for your social media activity.

Collect and share

Buffer works like an online storage center that allows you to collect and share web pages, photos, and articles with the click of a button. One click “automagically” places the link on your “dashboard” and shares the content via your Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts (or all three), and at times that you custom pick.

Your social media assistant

Using Buffer is like having your own social media assistant. I’d been considering HootSuite and TweetDeck, but they are too advanced for my simple social media needs. Buffer is perfect with its ease of use and scheduling system. This app is the answer for those of us who work full-time and want to be able to send updates to our social network accounts throughout the day. Pick a convenient time to fill up your dashboard with the content you want to share. Select the times you want to post to your social media accounts and Buffer does the rest. If you keep your dashboard stocked with content, then you’ll have a daily social media presence by using this simple and excellent tool. There is also an option to “post now.”

Ready when you are

Buffer interacts with the top web browsers so that your dashboard is always available and ready to be filled. An “Add to Buffer” button is available to install on your browser’s toolbar. Click it and the web page you’re visiting is added to your dashboard. You can also use Buffer in RSS readers. I use feedly which has a  Buffer button that loads articles to my dashboard without leaving my reader.

Can you tell I love Buffer? And did I mention that it’s free?

Check out Buffer here. Use it and spread the word about this great tool. Guess what? I just used it to schedule a tweet of this post!

(FYI: I’m not an affiliate for Buffer. I just think it’s a great tool. Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information about payments for writing.)

If you use Buffer, what has been your experience with the tool?

[Updated 9-13-14]


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