Build your writer’s platform with

Do you feel obligated to have a polished manuscript or a substantial amount of published work before you start promoting yourself? I did for a time, but not anymore.

We often forget that great writing is what a publisher is looking for and not necessarily someone with books and articles in all the top magazines, lists, and websites.

What they are looking for, though, is a writer with a platform.

What’s a platform?

Publisher Michael Hyatt defines platform this way: “The means by which you connect with your existing or potential fans.” Agents and publishers may love your work, but they are in the business of selling books. Having a well-developed platform to hand to them along with that query letter and manuscript is a sure way to stand out.

It’s also the new standard. The use of social media today is akin to what a telephone number and email were to me when I started my business years ago. Having an online presence is not an option, as it used to be. But there’s no need to fear or resent the progress.

Make a splash with

The digital age is packed with social media tools to help us find readers and raise our platforms while we perfect our craft and collect our works. is one of them. It’s a service that gives you a splash page which shows your online presence to any visitor. Upload a favorite photo that shows off your personality, and then add your name, a headline, a bio, and links to your content. There’s a page that includes statistics for visitors and you’ll even receive your Klout score. For 30 minutes of my time and zero dollars out of my pocket, I now have a digital business card. I created the page quickly for this article, so visit the site to see better examples of what you can do with It’s an easy way to get started with self-promotion. You may even find yourself having fun with it. I sure did. You can see my page here.

Ready to get noticed? Begin taking the steps today to build your platform of readers.

How do you feel about  platforms and self-promotion?



9 thoughts on “Build your writer’s platform with

      1. Then you’ve come to the right blog! I have several posts on social media and technology because I’m just learning, too. One step at a time. Let me know of topics you’d like to explore and I’ll be sure to post about it.


    1. Yes, check it out. I need to find a better background photo for mine, but one step at a time she goes! The featured pages on the site look so professional. Have you joined LinkedIn? I’m just scratching the surface of that one, but next week I’m going to post what I’m learning about it. It’s another place to add your name. Stay tuned.


    1. The photos are all Microsoft Office clip art that you can download for free from the Office website — except for the one I took of my cat! Most all the photos I use on this blog are from Office. That strip of photos is actually the cover collage I made for my Facebook page. Enjoy!


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