Meet Nicki: Following her writing dreams

Image from Nicki's blog header,

Nicki describes herself as a new writer. I found her blog over the weekend while perusing the writing tag over on The title of her blog made it stand out easily: My new Journey as a Writer.

The title of her post, though, is what led me to a click-through: “I am been very Productive today with my writing.” What, I thought, is this writer doing with a typo in the title? When I read the post, I noticed grammar errors and misspellings. I scrolled down, read another post, and saw more of the same.

Yet I noticed something about her posts. They were fresh, honest, and written with excitement. Who was this Nicki? So I visited her About page and found this:

“…. Writing is very new to me and English is my second Language, it’s going to be a challenge to write a book. When you wonder what my native tongue is, its German …”

Then I noticed that she had a finish date in her sidebar:

Image from

Suddenly, I was feeling sheepish. Here was new writer Nicki more sure of her dream than I was of my own.

I read more of her posts and enjoyed the ideas and research process for her novel, The Lost Daughters of the Faye.

The whole visit was fascinating, so I had to leave a comment to encourage her in her work.  Her comment to me included this:

“…for me its very new adventure, just to get out of my comfort zone and say hey i can do it and i have nothing to lose.”

Those words hit my heart. The sentiment is not new to me, but reading them through Nicki’s experience was like a divine call to action. I want to cultivate that attitude and keep it at the forefront of my writing life.

Now Nicki and I are in contact, and I’ll be rooting for her to reach her dream.

To top it off, she wrote a post today recommending my Afternoon Tea blog to her readers. If you’d like to be an encouragement to Nicki as she has been to me, you can visit her site and share your journey.

How have you stepped out of your writing life comfort zone?


6 thoughts on “Meet Nicki: Following her writing dreams

  1. I loved this post. English is a ridiculously complicated and at many times nonsense kind of language. I absolutely love to work with people who are trying hard to learn it, and to try and learn it while ALSO writing is admirable. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


  2. Will check out her blog. It’s so great you didn’t stop reading after you saw the first typo – you uncovered a gem. 🙂 I love it when people are brave and they aren’t even aware they are being brave.


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