Craft or Platform: Where to focus? An article by Jane Friedman

I enjoy Jane Friedman’s writing and wisdom, so I subscribe to her blog as well as Writer Unboxed, where she is a regular contributor. Last week she wrote an article called “Should You Focus on Your Writing or Your Platform?” Jane’s years of writing and media experience make her a trustworthy read, and this article is one not to be missed by new writers. The comments (over 75 last time I checked) include advice from longtime publishers, authors, and literary agents.

Click here to read the article. Then come back to Darla Writes and let me know what you think.

Where is your current focus and do you think it should change?

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2 thoughts on “Craft or Platform: Where to focus? An article by Jane Friedman

  1. I’m currently balancing both acts of focusing on my craft and my platform. The reason I started my blog back in November was to try to get an audience and show agents, editors, etc. that I could build a platform by having 1,000 or more hits when I submitted to them. I love blogging because I get to network with other writers, and as a reader, I can come across new books I wouldn’t have known existed.

    With writing, I finished one novel (just need beta-readers) and am almost finished my second novel due to the NaNo challenge. With my writing buddies, we also write short stories to submit to writing contests, etc. And after we edit our NaNo stories, we’ll participate in the 90 day challenge of writing a novel. So all in all, I think I’m on the right track. They say it’s best to have more than one story ready to be published because readers will want to read more.

    Keep smiling,


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