Use a photograph to spark a story

Many writers use writing prompts to create stories. These can be a single word, an idea phrases, or an introductory paragraph. Have you ever written a story using a photograph as a prompt? That’s just what I did this weekend and I invite you to read it over at Afternoon Tea.

Afternoon Tea is my online writing collection. It is one of the writing tools I use to keep myself in practice. Every Monday I know that there are people expecting to see a new piece of writing from me. Out of the millions of writers in the blogosphere, these readers have chosen to spend time at my blog, and I don’t want to disappoint them. It’s a privilege to have their attention, and I do my best to give them writings that make them glad they stopped by. As I think about my future as a published author, I’m hoping that these subscribers will be ones I can gratefully call my early fans.

The story I posted this week on Afternoon Tea is the result of a photograph I found on Pinterest, the newest social media site. I have a board on Pinterest that I call Writing Prompts where I’ll be saving photos to use as story springboard. This touching photograph, a man and his dog, is the spark for a story I call Losing Luisa. Please visit my writing collection to read it. Here is the opening:

Angel didn’t want to give up, but the Philadelphia chill cut through deep to his bones and challenged his will to live.

Thirteen months ago, when he started out on the journey, emotions such as love, concern, and sympathy had been tossed aside. Never again did he want to feel the agony of loss, the knife-in-his-gut rawness that ruled his life after Luisa disappeared.

And here it was, winter again.

Read more.

Have you been inspired by a photograph to write a story?



2 thoughts on “Use a photograph to spark a story

  1. Hey Darla,
    I love that advice of using a photo to spark an interest for a story. I’ll have to try it for one of my short stories, and I’ll definitely tell my writing buddies about that concept. In between novels, we want to work on short stories as well.

    Keep smiling,


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