Writing Quote for the Week


2 thoughts on “Writing Quote for the Week

  1. This quote nails it perfectly for me. I am an information gatherer, and it delays me from getting started. I have to just get going on my writing, and deal with the editing later.


    1. Gather AND write! That’s what I do. There’s nothing wrong with getting the info. Just don’t let it get in the way of writing. Are you doing any other writing besides your novel? Do you have a writing habit? If not, here’s a suggestion: Create a simple blog on WordPress.com, keep it on a private setting (only you can see your posts), and use it to write. Keep Scrivener for your novel organization, but use the private blog to produce other work. Once you get into the habit of writing daily, for any amount of time you can give to it, then I bet you’ll see your novel come to life.


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