Wow, nice platform! A comic for writers

Thought-provoking, yes?

Balance is the key, but don’t get lost in the noise. That’s what author Juliet Marillier says in her article posted on Writer Unboxed: “Don’t get lost in the noise, folks. Your first and foremost job is to write a well-crafted and compelling story, the kind of story that brings your readers faithfully back for more.” You can read the article here.

Craft versus platform is a popular topic on writing blogs these days. From what I’m reading, writers with an online presence or visibility are desirable to those in the publishing business. Yet, spending time on gaining visibility can lead to a weak offering, if a writer isn’t careful.

I’ll continue to share what I learn about platform building, but posts like these will keep that noise reminder in the forefront. Write, and do it well. Your commitment to your craft is what will make your platform strong.


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