Share your writing topics with Scoop.It

If you want to share information about the writing life but don’t have the time or desire to blog, then I may have found the perfect online application for you.


I noticed that a visitor to this blog had come from a domain with a silly sounding name. Before clicking on the link, I tracked down and found that it was a legitimate site. So I clicked on the link and there I found one of my posts on the front page of a site called How to find and tell your story: Discovering the art of storytelling by showcasing methods, tips, & tools that help you find and tell your story, your way.

The blog is hosted by, a service that lets you create an online magazine.  Site owners (curators) share their passions through content curation, the collection and sharing of digital content. My post had been scooped! will work well for you if you love reading blogs and sharing articles with others but don’t want to spend time creating, writing, and maintaining a blog of your own. gives you a site to collect content, your own website name (, and regular feeds of your selected topic. You select the content and publish it for the world to see. You can even gather followers of your magazine.

The site that scooped my post focuses on storytelling. Here’s what the magazine page looks like on

The site owner abbreviated my post’s content, but the click-through brings the reader to this site for the whole article.

Is for you? Click here to visit the site.

If you’re using to share topics about writing, include the link in your comment so we can check out your magazine.


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