A short story: Readers and critiques welcome

Afternoon Tea is my online writing collection. I’m working on a short story and posted Part One this week. The feedback from readers has been helpful and encouraging.

For those of you who are not familiar with my creative writing style or my collection, I invite you to visit.

The working title of the short story is Continued On Page Two. It tells of a woman named Jo and the 24 hours of her life that prove to be unforgettable.

I’ve written the beginning: Jo has experienced a life-changing event. I know how it will end: Jo will rise above it.

Now I get to put all the pieces in place: the ups and downs, mountains and valleys, thrills and chills, that take Jo from adversity to victory.

In other words, the hard part. How am I going to get Jo’s messed up life settled in 24 hours?

Hard? Yes. But, oh, so much fun.

If you do read Continued, please let me know what you think. Writing fiction is new for me, so I’m happy to receive helpful critique. You can also check out my other writings while you’re there.

And if you’re not already a subscriber to Afternoon Tea, and you enjoy my writings, be sure to sign up at the site. You’ll be the first to receive notification when I share my writing online.


How are you sharing your writing with others?


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