Natalie Sharpston earns kudos at her first writers conference

Natalie Sharpston is a writer who has been an encouragement to me since I stepped back onto the writing trail last year. She was the first subscriber to Darla Writes.

Last weekend she attended her first writers conference, and after a week of fabulous posts detailing her experience and sharing what she learned, Natalie gave us the best news of all: Her work had been recognized and earned awards in the conference’s writing competitions.

Congratulations, Natalie!

If you will be attending a writer’s conference and want a glimpse of what to expect, then read about Natalie’s experience. She details her preparation for the conference, how she handled sitting through a critique of her work, her one-on-one meeting with literary agent Rachelle Gardner, and more highlights of the weekend.

Visit Natalie’s blog to read her conference series and be inspired.


6 thoughts on “Natalie Sharpston earns kudos at her first writers conference

  1. Thanks for the great connection to Natalie’s site; I am now a follower! These days I depend on other bloggers to direct me to great sites hosted by interesting writers, so I appreciate your help. 😉


  2. DARLA!!!! OH. MY. GOODNESS. Thank you so much!!! You brought tears to my eyes. This is just so sweet. Thank you! I hope you and I find ourselves at the same conference in the very near future. 🙂

    All ya’all – see how awesome Darla is? She’s a GEM! 🙂


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