Twitter: How to embed tweets in your blog

One of the items on my social media summer checklist is Put Twitter to better use. Twitter is second only to Facebook in social media and it’s a free tool for writers who want to network, learn, inform, build relationships, and find and keep readers.

So, in my search for how I can take advantage of Twitter for my writing life, I hopped over to the support site. The Automatticians over at WordPress never cease to amaze me with the goodies they keep gifting their users.

Like this one: Twitter Embeds.

If you have a blog (and, if you’re a writer, you really should have a blog), then you will love this.

In four steps you can embed any individual tweet into a post. For example, followed me after reading my tweet about the Blackwing 602 pencil. I thanked them and we had a nice conversation. I checked out the website and saw that the pencils were reasonably priced.

Hover over the links. All of them are live, just as if you were reading it on Twitter. With this embedded tweet, you have the link to my video posted here on Darla Writes, a link to, a follow button, and all the action links.

How to embed tweets

Here are the steps:

  1. Find the tweet that you want to post.
  2. Click on the date stamp on the upper right. That will open up the page for that tweet.
  3. Copy the URL that’s in the address bar.
  4. Paste the URL into the blog editor window and give it its own line. Do not turn it into a hyperlink.

Check out the preview and your tweet should appear. You can have more control over the display (color, position, size) by adding shortcodes. Visit this page at Support to find the codes.

Pretty nifty stuff and so easy to use.

Why embed tweets?

I’m just starting to brainstorm the why’s of embedding tweets, but here are a few that come easily to mind.

Toot (tweet) your own horn. If someone says something nice about you on Twitter, why not showcase it on your blog? Recently I had a new follower post this:

With this I could recommend that you check out humor writer Cindy Dwyer, who is one funny lady. You could click on the link to her Twitter site right from this post. Better yet, visit her website to read excerpts from her book My Roots Are Showing, which she just submitted to an agent.

Share a retweet or mention from someone you admire. I was happy to find that author James Scott Bell gave me a retweet after I mentioned one of his posts.

By embedding the post here, my Darla Writes readers get this little scoop, plus you can click on the link to read his post or do any other Twitter action you choose.

Introduce your readers to a new person. I recently started following Emma Coats, a storyboard artist for Pixar. I posted her list of story rules and, though she’s in the film industry, I find many of her tweets to be helpful for writers. I also happen to be a Pixar fan.

That’s just a starter list for you. I’m sure you’ll come up with more ways to use this great feature. And while we’re talking about Twitter, be sure to follow my tweets. Maybe you’ll see one of your tweets here on Darla Writes!

NOTE: Twitter can get so busy that tweets aren’t displayed immediately. In that case, refresh the page and they should appear.

How will you use Twitter embeds on your blog?


4 thoughts on “Twitter: How to embed tweets in your blog

  1. This is handy info to have. I don’t utilize Twitter or other social media sites to their fullest potential–mostly because I don’t know how. Can this be done with sites, which is what I have. I think you use, is that correct? (I only assumed this because I never get notification when you reply to any of the comments I make on your blog, whereas I get notifications from other WP blogs that I follow.) This is true of Carrie Mumford’s site as well. She uses and I don’t get the notifications when she responds to my comments on her blog.

    Anyway, that was a slight digression from the original question I had. Sorry! 🙂


    1. Yes, you can embed a tweet on That is a good question. I wrote a post about it this morning on Afternoon Tea, after reading your comment, just in case others at aren’t aware of this fun feature.


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