Free to write: 10 ways to express your gratitude this Fourth of July

American writer: What can you do to show your gratitude for the freedom you have to write and live freely in this country?

On July 4, we’ll be celebrating the blessings of liberty that Americans have enjoyed for 236 years.

Will you do more than enjoy the hot dogs, apple pie, and fireworks?

Here are 10 ways you can express and live out that gratitude through writing.

  1. Thank a veteran. Send a note of thanks to a veteran who lives in your town or is a family member. A note to the family member of a fallen soldier would surely be appreciated.
  2. Read a famous patriotic writing. Besides gaining a sense of gratitude, see what you can learn from its writing style.
  3. Write a letter to a soldier. There are plenty of organizations that will be happy to send your letter of thanks to a soldier who is serving our country. Here’s a good one.
  4. Visit a national cemetery. Be inspired by the hallowed grounds of a resting place for those who gave all. Write a poem, an essay, or a fictional story that describes your experience.
  5. Submit a story about war or peace. Send it to an online writers’ site or your local newspaper. Maybe the story will be published and help others to think about the costs of freedom.
  6. Offer to write for someone who can’t. Be the pen for an elderly neighbor, a disabled friend, or a preschool child who’d like to send off grateful thoughts of their own.
  7. Write a blog post about America. If you have a blog, express your feelings about America and how you will do your part to make it an even better nation.
  8. Share your patriotic writing on July 4. Let your guests read your thoughts at your 4th of July party. Copy your writing onto colorful paper for placemats. Share it on sheets rolled up with red, white, and blue ties. Or simply read your writing aloud at eating time.
  9. Spend time writing in the great outdoors. Take a hike and be inspired by the beauty of this country. Write whatever comes to mind as you contemplate your freedom. Keep this writing close at hand for days when you need to realize how rich you really are.
  10. Write, and write some more. Every day. Don’t waste your God-given talent and freedom. Use them to:

• cheer the sick
• recognize a co-worker
• show you’re in love
• tell someone you’re sorry
• make a child laugh
• finish that novel!

Let freedom ring … and write.

How will you use your writing to celebrate your freedom?


2 thoughts on “Free to write: 10 ways to express your gratitude this Fourth of July

  1. All good ideas. I spent my fourth with my brother-in-law (an officer in the Army) and my father-in-law (a retired Army soldier). A great way to celebrate Independence Day.


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