10 Websites that strengthen new writers

The beginning efforts in the life of a new writer can be scary.

You have the desire and energy, and that’s good enough to get you started.

But then the doubts come. And your time is compromised. You’re not sure of your calling. Someone criticized your work. You can’t think of a thing to write. You want to give up.

All the desire for writing will get you nowhere if that desire doesn’t take flesh, start a flow of words, and earn your commitment.

What you need are cheerleaders: experienced writers who rally behind you, pump you up, and get your pen flowing.

Besides the personal relationships you have with teachers, mentors, and friends, you also have an amazing world of resources called the World Wide Web.

The Web is packed with writers who enjoy sharing their resources and knowledge to help you become a better writer.

The Write Sites

Here are 10 well-known writing websites (and their tag lines) that exist to encourage, instruct, and guide writers of all types and levels. The sites are filled with ways to strengthen your writing.

  1. Writers Digest. Write Better. Get Published. Be Creative. The leading print and online magazine for writers.
  2. The Bookshelf Muse. Dedicated to helping writers via descriptive tools, knowledge sharing, and support. You’ll love the amazing thesaurus choices they’ve developed (e.g., weatherly and earthly phenomena, emotions, character traits).
  3. Write to Done. Unmissable articles on writing. The editor describes the
    site as “a comfortable roadside inn on the writer’s path.”
  4. Copyblogger. This site focuses on content marketing advice for businesses, but I’m drawn to the site because of its practical writing and blogging tips. Here’s a poster designed by Copyblogger founder Brian Clark. Print it out and hang it near your writing nook.
  5. Writer Unboxed. About the craft and business of fiction. A site that focuses solely on fiction. Two aspiring novelists started the blog and it has grown into a respected community for writers.
  6. The Writer Magazine. Advice and inspiration for today’s writer. This is the oldest magazine for writers — 125 years. Similar to Writer’s Digest but with enough of a different flavor to call for a subscription. It’s also available in print.
  7. Advice to Writers. Writerly wisdom of the ages. Jon Winoker’s collection of quotes and anecdotes. And he has two sidebars flowing with links to outside resources.
  8. Jane Friedman’s Writing Advice Archive. Jane is the former publisher of Writer’s Digest and an expert in the publishing industry. She offers her advice via a collection of her blog posts.
  9. National Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Thirty Days of Literary Abandon. Every year this site offers a challenge to write a novel (50,000 words) in the month of November. It’s also a great resource for tips, contests, and encouragement. I won this challenge last year and recommend it for what you’ll learn, even if you don’t win.
  10. Darla Writes. Learn. Share. Grow. I’m glad you stopped by. My goal is to share what I learn with new writers. I hope that something you read here caused you to grow in the writing life. Be sure to subscribe to Darla Writes by email and never miss a post.

There are plenty more, of course, but these are sites that I subscribe to and visit regularly. You should, too. You’ll have a fine group of Web friends tagging along with you on your writing journey.

What well-known writing site would you add to this list?


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