The Olympics: Inspiration for writers

If you’re going to take a writing break to cheer on your nation’s team (Go Team USA!), then be sure to put that time to good use. There is much to learn from watching the Olympics.

Think about how those athletes earned their spots. It wasn’t by the wave of a magic wand.

It was hard work. Discipline. Love for what is and dreams of what could be.

So, as you watch these amazing athletes jump, run, lunge, lift, and do all those other feats of incredible skill, pay attention when the commentator breaks in or an interview is given. Every athlete has a story. Listen to them tell of the joy, pain, defeat, and courage they experienced on their way to London.

Then think about your writing life. How’s your commitment level? What are your goals?

Maybe you’re experiencing the sting of a rejection letter or a family member’s ridicule. You may just need a push to finish that novel.

Take heart from some of these athletes’ journeys to the Olympic games.

Ariel Hsing is a 16-year-old table tennis player for Team USA. She’s favored to play against reigning champ China for the gold. “Of course, you have to aim for a medal, you have to,” the Californian said. “So even if I have a 1 percent chance, I’m still going to put in 100 percent effort. … You just go for it.”

And then there’s Ireland’s first gymnast to qualify for the Olympics. Kieran Behan‘s story will make you blush for shame as you think about the times you’ve wanted to give up. Doctors told Behan he would never walk again.

The U.S. Army sent 11 soldiers to the Olympics. Dremiel Byers is a championship wrestler and gives this advice: “Never quit. Keep driving, keep pressing. Focus on the mission. Find another gear.” It’s good to know we have people like him protecting our country when he’s not hanging out with the Brits in London.

So, fellow writers, write like you’re going for the gold.

Watch and learn from the world’s greatest athletes. And try not to be envious of their youth and perfect physiques. Most of them have only one shot at getting that medal and then it’s all over. Youth has a way of staying in one place.

You and me? After we write “The End,” we can pick up a blank page and start again.

Write on.

Have you heard an inspiring Olympics story while watching the games? Share it with us.


4 thoughts on “The Olympics: Inspiration for writers

  1. Very inspiring post, Darla. I probably won’t get to see a lot of the Olympics except for glimpses here and there. I always did love the personal stories of how the athletes got to this momentous occasion. Thanks for the pep talk! 🙂


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