Infographic: The life cycle of a book

Here’s a nifty infographic that shows the life cycle of a book.

You’ll find it at, a site for young publishing professionals. I subscribe to it for the concise industry news it shares each week.

Along with the infographic, the Cycle page offers videos of professionals, each describing a part of the life cycle. I think you’ll enjoy the “Writer” video as author Adam Gidwitz tells how he came to write his children’s book, A Tale Dark & Grimm.

This is a nice visual, one you might want to print out and keep at hand. It puts things in perspective as you labor away on your part of the cycle. You can download it at the site. It’s in the sidebar; click on the graphic.

Life cycle of a book at


3 thoughts on “Infographic: The life cycle of a book

  1. Dear Darla,
    I’m thrilled to know you’ve found Trendsetter to be of ongoing use. It’s especially great to know that you like our weekly news round-ups–we’ll try to keep them good!

    Thank you for sharing Lifecycle with your readers; it’s great to see it continue to migrate across the internet and find a home with book-lovers in all professions and all places on their professional journeys.

    Warm wishes,
    Elisabeth Watson
    Editor of Publishing Trendsetter


    1. Hi, Elisabeth,

      Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit my blog. That graphic is attractive, simple to understand, and full of inspiration for new writers like me. I also admire what you’re doing with Publishing Trendsetters — guiding beginners towards success. Keep up the great work!


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