Master these 48 commonly misspelled words

There are a slew of sites on the Web that claim to have the comprehensive list of misspelled words.

What I found was that many of those lists are full of words that compilers lift from documents. Their misspellings may be the result of typos. I’m not excusing typos, but there’s a difference between typos that come from fast, sloppy typing and not knowing how to spell and use a word correctly. had the list that kept my head nodding as I looked through the entries. So many of them make me stop and think before I commit them to a page.

Here are 48 words, and I bet that at least one of them is your nemesis. Mine is liaison.

I’ve even included a dashed line to encourage you to print, cut out, and keep the list taped to your computer, folded in your notebook, underneath a refrigerator magnet — whatever works! Let’s master these words.

Note: Though a lot isn’t a word, many people feel obligated to make it one.

There! Now you have no excuse.

Coming up will be posts that help with its/it’s, principle/principal, and other tricky words we writers should not fail to use correctly.

Which of these trip you up the most?


2 thoughts on “Master these 48 commonly misspelled words

  1. I feel pretty smart; I know how to spell the majority of those words without even batting an eyelash. This will be a fun quiz to give friends and/or family *laughs evilly*


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