Zits comic strip: Jeremy’s mom, the writer

Just a quick share: I found this in my kitchen drawer, a 2006 comic strip from the hilarious Zits. It used to hang on my refrigerator door when I only dreamed of having time to write.


4 thoughts on “Zits comic strip: Jeremy’s mom, the writer

  1. I love this cartoon, I may have to put on my fridge as I dream of the day I can write all day! But then again, I can write any time – our children are only young once or in my case still living at home for now and soon they will be off living their own lives. But it is nice to dream!! 🙂 Blessings ~ Patty


    1. I didn’t take off with my writing until my son went away to college. Your time will come. I have a friend (wife, mother) who wrote her first novel in her very spare time while caring well for her young family, volunteering, serving in church, and all the rest. It took several years, but she earned a contract with it and has just finished her sixth novel. (I’ve written several posts about her, Katie Cushman). It’s doable, if you really believe now’s the time to do it.


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