How to be a writer: 201 writing tips from Write to Done

There is an amazing list posted this week at Write to Done, a blog that publishes “unmissable articles on writing.”

You’ll find 201 writing tips divided into six sections:

  • How to create a successful mindset.
  • How to develop your craft of writing.
  • How to establish good writing habits.
  • How to approach professional development.
  • How to become a better writer.
  • How to become more creative.

I’ve included the first section as a sample, but be sure to click on the link below to read the entire list. It’s packed with inspiring stuff, and it came from their readers. Pick out your favorites and type up a list of your own.

Be a writer.

How to Develop a Successful Mindset

1. Be open, curious, present, and engaged.

2. Accept all forms of criticism and learn to grow from it.

3. Live with passion.

4. Say to everyone: “I’m a writer.”

5. Recognize your fear and overcome it.

6. Rethink what is ‘normal’.

7. Check if your assumptions are right.

8. Accept no excuses.

9. Break out of your comfort zone.

10. Approach writing with gratitude, not just with a ‘must do this’ attitude.

11. Take risks – don’t be afraid to shock. You are not who you think you are.

12. Always think of your readers.

13. Learn to LOVE writing and reading.

14. Write like you’re on your first date.

15. Simply let things be what they are.

16. Expose yourself to as many new experiences in a short amount of time as possible.

17. Love your tools. As St. Bumpersticker says, “My fountain pen can write better than your honor student!”

18. Embrace your shadow. Discover what traits and characteristics you don’t want to express.

19. Write to agitate the mind and the nerves.

20. Remember: if you’re not sure, you don’t know.

21. Know when to walk away – and when to come back.

22. Believe that you’re a writer.

23. Destroy something regularly. Picasso said “Every act of creation is first of all an action of destruction.”

24. Never take a mundane experience for granted.

25. Keep fit. A fit body supports creativity.

26. Be Yourself. No need to get inspired by someone else.

27. Never Give up.

Read the entire list here at Write To Done.


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