5 websites that sharpen your writing skills

It’s always good practice to … practice. The craft of writing is like any other activity: the more you do it, the better you get.

The Internet offers up a zillion websites that offer prompts and other exercises to help sharpen your writing skills. Here are five for you to check out and put to use.

Writer’s Digest Weekly Writing Prompts. Writer’s Digest has been around since the early 1900’s and is the leading name in publications for writers. The site publishes a prompt every week that gives “your writing muscles a workout.” And, boy, do they have some good ones. You might even come away with ideas for a novel or a short story. I’m working on the current prompt: a teen finds a love letter addressed to his mother, but it’s not from his dad. And it’s dated five years into the future.

The Write Practice. Every post on this blog is a chance to practice your writing. You’ll find several practice tips that spring from the topic discussed in the post. Each set of tips takes about 15 minutes per day. The site then invites you to post your work in the comments section. The Write Practice is a popular blog, one of Writer’s Digest’s Top Blogs for Writers last year.

Every Photo Tells A Story. There are so many photo prompt sites, but I found the images on this one to be outstanding. Art + Photography = Inspiration, the site notes. You’ll find stunning paintings, illustrations, and photos to inspire your creativity.

Write Word of the Day. This is a newer site and its tag line is “Become a wordsmith, one word, one sentence, one day at a time.” He invites you to find a word through one of the many “Word of the Day” sites (I display the Dictionary.com word on my sidebar) and create a sentence using the word. You can then share your sentence as a comment on his site. Not only do you get writing practice, you also get a new word to add to your vocabulary.

Sunday Scribblings. This is a good site for writers who have blogs. Bloggers can sign up every Saturday to participate in this site’s writing prompt. After you write your piece (story, poem, song), post it on your blog and the site will publish your link for people to follow and read.

Note that these sites encourage you to share your work with the public. But, if you’re still shy about others viewing your work, then keep it to yourself. You’ll know when you’re ready to share your work online.

Practice your craft daily. Whether you’re working on a manuscript or using a writing prompt from one of these websites, sharpen your skills by writing every day.


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