Just do it: Tech and age don’t scare this elderly writer

Martha (not her real name) and I are both members of a LinkedIn group for new writers. I didn’t know Martha existed until a few days ago when she decided to send me a message.

She had read my response to another group member’s question. From that answer, Martha must have surmised that I could teach her a few things. So I found this in my in-box:

Darla, a dumb question, I know, but at 83 and new to the tech age, I have a question: How do I open YOUR blog or any other!  … I also want to create a blog or website.

Martha also told me a bit about herself. She’s a retired missionary and an educator, and she’s had a few things published. She’s a great-grandmother. She makes note cards with photos, and she’s working on a book about her garden.

Now she’s decided to take the next step: Share her writing with the world.

Martha, at 83, is not afraid of what she has to learn in order to get to her goal.

Inspired? I sure am.

I gave Martha a few tips on getting started, and she got right to work. A few days later I received a response from her:

Darla …. I just looked at WordPress blog info, AND I have a granddaughter who emailed that she can help me set it up. THANKS.

You dreamers out there, young and old: It’s time to turn those dreams into reality.

Follow Martha’s lead. Just do it.

What is it that keeps you from making your writing dream a reality?


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