The best of Darla Writes: Top 20 blog posts

The new year will bring changes as I work to blend this blog and my writing collection, Afternoon Tea.

In the meantime, I will be continuing a blog hiatus for these last few weeks of the year. You can catch up on the posts you may have missed during this first year of Darla Writes.

A good place to start is with this list: My top 20 posts, in order of popularity. Enjoy!

  1. Ten questions I’ll be asking a published author
  2. MacBook Air: Your dream writing machine
  3. Write stories using the hero’s journey storyboard template
  4. Writing Quote for the Week: C.S. Lewis
  5. Copyright basics for writers: What is copyright?
  6. Free download: My word count planner
  7. Start building your online presence: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  8. The basics of a writer’s query letter
  9. Friday the 13th: 13 tips from famous writers
  10. Writing Quote for the Week: Ray Bradbury
  11. Are you ready to share your writing online?
  12. Practice the craft of writing in your everyday work
  13. Book press release: A publisher’s promo tool
  14. John Steinbeck on getting started with writing
  15. Writers, rejection, and the Stockdale paradox
  16. Create a map of your novel’s world
  17. An overview of the book publishing contract
  18. Organize your writing with Scrivener
  19. Grammar check: Spot a split infinitive
  20. Todoist: A free online to-do list for writing tasks



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