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Author and blogger Nick Thacker compiled a list of blogs that he describes as his “Power 100.″ For him, the list is “an ongoing collection of blogs that I’ve used, recommended, read, and shared since I started my writing journey years ago.”

You can see the list here: Power 100: The 100 Best Blogs for the Modern Writer. And notice something special: #69 is Darla Writes!

Besides being jazzed about my inclusion on the list, I realized that I now have a fantastic resource. And so do you. You should click on the link now and bookmark it for future reference.

Nick breaks up the list into six categories:

  1. Self-Publishing
  2. Writing Process
  3. Marketing
  4. Platforms
  5. Lifestyle
  6. Productivity

He lists his 100 blogs and assigns each to one of the categories. Darla Writes is in the Writing Process category, which covers 18 blogs including StoryFix, Writer’s Digest, and Write-to-Done. Nice company.

But along with having this resource, you can get to know Nick Thacker. He is dedicated to helping writers grow in the writing life and his blog,, is loaded with his expertise in all six of these areas.

Nick is passionate about working with writers on their craft and authors on their websites. He’s written several books on writing, selling, and platform, and he even offers a 20-week course on writing fiction — free.

I’m going to visit all one hundred of Nick’s recommended sites and see what I can take away from each. Some will be tricky (e.g., “The Art of Manliness,” under Lifestyle), but I’m up for the challenge. And you know that I’ll share what I learn here on Darla Writes.

Be sure to visit Nick’s site, and pass on the Power List to your writing friends.

Note: My linking to this list does not mean that I agree with or condone everything that is stated or offered at these websites.

Which of the 100 writer sites are you going to visit first?


12 thoughts on “Bookmark this powerful blog list for writers

  1. Congrats Darla. No one deserves it more than you. Your blog has helped Inion & I so much on our journey and it’s good to know that you’ll be helping more writers on theirs. Headed over now to bookmark and thx so much for directing us to other sites that will help us to grow as writers.


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