WordPress stats: Who’s reading your writing?

reader-statsIf you’re thinking about starting a blog to share your creative work, then I suggest you check out WordPress.com. To get you started, here’s my post that gives 10 reasons to use WordPress for writing.

WordPress is a leader in blogging software. I use WP for both of my websites. One of the perks it gives to users is site statistics — numbers, maps, and graphs that give more information about the readers who visit the site.

The site stats show how people find your blog (referrers, search engine terms, links) as well as the number of visitors and views your blog has on any day, week, month, or year.

My favorite stat is the country visits. WordPress generates a list of visits by country and includes a map that highlights each country. It’s an inspiring visual.

For example, my February site stats for this blog show that it had visits from readers in 55 countries.

The visitor stats for my writing collection, Afternoon Tea, look like this:


The color shading runs from light to dark and denotes the least to the most number of visitors. It’s thrilling to know that people from around the world are taking time to drop by my blog.

Visitor stats like this are good for writers, don’t you think? They can take us outside of ourselves and drop us into our readers’ worlds. After all, it’s for them that we’re creating. With the help of Wikipedia, I take a virtual visit to each country on my list to get a sense of the world in which my readers live. Not only is this educational, it is also an excellent way to gather ideas for stories as you read about the people and places of faraway lands. Wikipedia also shares many beautiful photos, like this one of the Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria. When I saw it, I imagined a woman sitting on the hillside, staring at the clouds, and wondering about her lot in life. A story is born.

WordPress stats show real people. Real readers.

It’s good to know.

If you have a blog and receive reader stats, how do you use them?


4 thoughts on “WordPress stats: Who’s reading your writing?

  1. Very nice post, which I was able to ‘like’ finally! 🙂 I don’t pay enough attention to my stats, even though I know I should. One more thing to add to my list, I guess. The map is fun to look at, though. 🙂


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