Use iPad apps to inspire your writing life

Here’s a screenshot from my iPad, a wonderful perk that I received from my employer. After a good day’s work, I take it home and use it for my writing life (with full permission from my tech director, of course).

I am so impressed with the iPad and the way it helps me to be productive. Plus, it’s gorgeous. Apple knows how to make beautiful toys — I mean, tools.

I’ve titled one of my icon groups “Create” and I collect apps that inspire me to do just that. They are easy to use and the drawing tools give gorgeous results.

There are apps which give you digital paper on which to collect your thoughts. Apps to draw pictures and lines and shapes that bring your imagination to life. Apps to capture sounds and sights that you can twist and shape and color into something new.

Apps like these:

  1. Bamboo Paper | Notebook with pen tools
  2. Paper by 53 | Drawing and painting
  3. Skitch | Mark up photos
  4. Moleskine | Digital version of the beloved writing journal
  5. Songwriter’s Pad | Create, edit, and record songs
  6. Adobe Ideas | Sketchbook that saves files you can open in Photoshop
  7. PhotoStudio HD | Effects and filters for your photos
  8. Penultimate | Handwriting app that syncs to Evernote
  9. Voice Recorder HD | High-quality voice recording

My writing life includes photography, songwriting, and drawing — that’s why you see apps on this list that go beyond the pen and blank paper.

For writing and drawing, I recommend the Wacom Bamboo stylus, which I found on at a great price. It’s a luxury, though, and I received it as a birthday gift. You can use your fingertips and still have good results.

Most of these apps are free, but you will pay a few dollars for the better apps. You can also purchase add-ons to improve your digital experience. No iPad? Most apps can also be used on iPhones and other smart phones.

Have fun browsing through the App Store. Check out the apps on this list and search for others that interest you.

We’re living in an age where powerful creative tools are literally at our fingertips. But remember: They are only tools. None of them can bring forth the ideas. That’s all about you.

We’re 21st Century writers with so much available for us to take, create, and share.

I’m inspired.

Are you?

What apps have you found that inspire your writing? Tell me about them in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Use iPad apps to inspire your writing life

  1. My kids got me a iPad for my birthday – I am finding so many neat ways to use it at home and at work – it is a wonderful toy — oops I mean tool. I am enjoying playing — oops there I go again, I mean “working” with it that it has helped me to begin move forward. Thanks for the suggestions, I have already found some apps and will check out your recommendations as well.


  2. I love this. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been considering a tablet- either the Ipad or the Surface. You have any thoughts about the Surface? I’m a Microsoft girl, I think we all once were, but I do all my writing in Word. You know!? Do you write with your IPad? You have their keyboard?


    1. I don’t know much about Surface; all my computers are Apple products. Well, I do have an old (2007) Dell desktop, but I don’t write with it. It’s mainly for my photography work. When I get a MacBook Air, my dream writing machine, I will retire the Dell. I use my Mac laptop and Scrivener for lengthy writing sessions (I no longer use Word). The iPad is for notes, ideas, drawings, songs, and, now , social media. I also do final edits to the articles and stories that I post. I don’t have a keyboard because I wouldn’t use it for word processing. I see the iPad as more of a creative tool than a workhorse. There’s so much you can do with it. Let me know what you decide to buy!


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