The 12 Days of Christmas for Writers

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me …12-days-christmas

What kinds of things would you want your true love to give to you for Christmas to celebrate your writing life? Just for fun, here’s my list.

First Day: 1 copy of my finished manuscript. I suppose I have to finish it first. Hello, 2014.

Second Day: 2-year subscription to Writer’s Digest. Love this mag.

Third Day: 3 Moleskine notebooks. I write stories and songs, plus I sketch. One paper notebook for each.

Fourth Day: 4 mobile devices. So, along with the MacBook Air, the iPhone, and the iPad to make us rockin’ modern, mobile writers, coming soon is the iWatch. Really.

Fifth Day: 5 Facebook Likes each week. Join me! (Click here to like my page.)

Sixth Day: 6-dozen pencils. See the Third Day of Christmas. Plus, sometimes you just need to put the digital down. My pencil of choice is the classic Palomino Blackwing 602.

Seventh Day: 7 words of wisdom. “You fail only if you stop writing.” Ray Bradbury

Eighth Day: 8 agents spying. I don’t know if they do or not, but I can imagine literary agents trawling through writer sites and looking for the next client. If they are, then eight of them checking out my stories on Afternoon Tea is good enough for me. Nine works, too. Or seven. Okay: one will do. But we’re at the eighth day, so let’s keep it at that.

Ninth Day: 9 new Twitter followers each week. Why nine? Because it’s just so close to ten. (Click here to follow me.)

Tenth Day: 10 apps for writers. You’re a modern, mobile writer, right? Then you need a good collection of apps. Here’s a Top 10 list that introduced several new apps to me.

Eleventh Day: 11 great blogs for writers. Well, there are actually ten listed here as “Top 10 Blogs for Writers 2013,” but I’ve added mine because I kind of like this blog. My favorites on the list are Writer Unboxed, K.M. Weiland, and C.S. Lakin — all terrific blogs for writers.

Twelfth Day: 12 months in 2014 to write, write, write!

Merry Christmas! And it’s going  to be a Happy New Year!


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