Ready to purchase a WordPress theme? Try Elmastudio

A sneak peek of my new site
A sneak peek of my new site

If you’re looking to purchase website theme but don’t have a lot of money to spend, then you should check out Elmastudio.

For $10.00, I bought a nice theme for I was surprised by the low cost for what I think is a quality product. Other themes I looked at ranged between $30 and $100.

The high-end themes offer more features than I would use at this point in my writing life. For now, I wanted to find one that was inexpensive yet attractive, with features that were easy to use, modern, responsive (i.e., looks good on mobile devices), and customizable. I found all of this in Elmastudio’s Oita theme.

I asked a group of friends on Facebook about the devices they use for when they’re on the Web for pleasure. It’s so interesting: People are not limiting themselves to a tablet or a smart phone, a laptop or a desktop. My poll showed that many people favor one or the other, but they own at least one mobile device.

Because of this, I looked for a theme that catered to the mobile user, and this theme’s off-canvas layout did the trick for me. It’s a minimal design — the writer’s words and photos are showcased, while the sidebar and menus are hidden but easily accessed.

Of course, I’ll be installing a number of plug-ins that will make the website even more enjoyable for visitors. But credit for the overall look and feel of my site goes to Ellen and Manuel of Elmastudio, Germany.

When will I launch Can I just say “Soon”? Until then, you can continue to connect with me here and on Afternoon Tea, Facebook, and Twitter.

You may also visit my “Coming Soon” page and enter your email address to be notified as soon as I launch the site.

I appreciate your visits, and please let me know how I can help with your own website plans.


4 thoughts on “Ready to purchase a WordPress theme? Try Elmastudio

  1. Okay…you totally rock Darla!! We will be visiting this place to select one for us! We love it when one of our blogging friends can recommend a bus.,site or person that can add or help our marketing & online presence! So many times we have to wing it & are so nervous we’re either doing something wrong, choosing the wrong one or uncertain if there’s one better! You give so much back to the writing community Darla with your posts & recommendations. I’m not sure if we’ve ever told you that, but it’s from the heart! So thank you & we’re running to share this information now!!! 😉


    1. Hey! Thanks for coming by and laying all those sweet compliments on me. I’ve taken time away from this blog as I work on the other — I can only stretch so far, you know! I hope you find something you like at Elmastudio. Can’t wait to see what you creative ladies do with it.


  2. This is excellent timing, Darla. I’ve been considering this, but I still have some questions I need answered and this is a super busy time. You’ve gotten me started, though. Thanks!


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