Free Getty Images: Millions of quality photos available for bloggers

In case you haven’t heard, Getty Images, one of the world’s leading sources for quality imagery, has a new embed feature that makes it easy, legal, and free for anyone to share their images on blogs, websites and social media platforms.

That’s pretty exciting for bloggers like me who have always loved Getty but are not interested in spending money on stock photography. You’ll find Getty imagery “every day in the world’s most influential newspapers, magazines, advertising campaigns, films, television programs, books and online media.” And now you’ll be seeing them on my blogs, too.

There is a catch: the images include the Getty name, info about the image, and links back to the Getty website. That’s fine with me. It’s a great traffic driver for Getty in exchange for me using some of their terrific photos. Getty probably has more visitors to the website than ever before and its most likely picking up customers who would never have known about the site without this huge sharing effort.

It’s easy to use the images. After clicking on the photo of your choice, Getty gives you an embed source code that you paste to the page on which you’d like the image to appear. The image also comes with social media buttons so that viewers of the photo can share it themselves.

The search engine is fantastic with filters to find just the right photo. I’m writing a short story about a young Lithuanian girl, her father, and a special forest. I thought I’d have to be satisfied with just any father-daughter photo. Instead, I found a photo that was taken in a Lithuanian forest:

Not only am I happy to have such a beautiful photo to go with the story when I share it on my website, I’ve also been inspired to write a new scene in the story based on this photo.

To find and use Getty’s amazing library of images, visit the embed images page and start searching for the perfect photo.


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