Twitter challenge: Find non-writing accounts to follow

Twitter ChallengeIf you only have writers and writing resources in your Twitter feed, then you’re missing out on thousands of unusual ways to get inspired.

When I joined Twitter, the only accounts I followed were writing blogs and resources, publishers, and authors. A Twitter expert suggested that I expand my reach and I took her advice.

And so, I challenge you to find at least 5 new Twitter accounts to follow which have nothing to do with writing and everything to do with inspiration.

To give you some ideas, here are five accounts that I follow.

Fact Hive

The facts you’ll get from this account are from a wide range of topics. Be warned: Some of the facts may be offensive to you as they are to me. Most of them are interesting, though, and could spark a few ideas for your stories.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Speaking of black holes, NASA tweets from both Earth and space, with photograph shares that are incredible. Do you write fantasy or science fiction? This feed is for you. Maybe your character needs an interesting job for his or her spouse. Astronaut? How about a good image to help you describe the stars? You will find amazing inspiration on this feed.

Digital Photography School

Photography is one of my hobbies, so I follow several photography communities and individuals on Twitter. Follow accounts that help you with your hobby, just for fun. Fun equals relaxation equals creativity. You can also use Twitter as a research source for your characters’ hobbies.

Central Coast McDonald’s

I visit this restaurant regularly — usually for a quick Sunday lunch. The employees there are always smiling and serve their customers well. You might not think that a tweet from a fast-food business could be of interest to a writer, but you’d be wrong.


I love cats, and this Twitter account shares photos that make me smile. And we all know what a smile can do for you and those around you. Plus you may find a great name for the cat in your story.

With these and other non-writing accounts flowing through my Twitter feed, I have a built-in break from writing work and thoughts.

But never forget: All roads — and tweets —  lead to Writing!

Will you take the challenge? Let me know in your comment.

(Note: These Twitter images are active, and a click will take you to their accounts)


4 thoughts on “Twitter challenge: Find non-writing accounts to follow

  1. Well now, that seemed simple enough yet utterly brilliant! You’re absolutely right!! That’s wall we network with on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so on and so forth!! lol 😉 We will be taking your advice starting with the 5 you gave here!! Sorry we’ve been absent as of late, Darla! 1 book down and 1 to go and then we’ll be regular visitors again!!! Lovely post and as usual brilliant advice! Sharing this now. 😉


  2. I’ve held back from Twitter for a long time because I just couldn’t see adding one more thing. But you’ve convinced me, Darla, especially with several of these suggestions. You have a way of doing that, you know, dragging me kicking and screaming toward new things I end up enjoying!
    Thanks for another wonderful wake-up call!


    1. Great! I think you’ll have fun with it. The best advice I have for you: Don’t think you have to follow back each person who follows you. My second best bit of advice is to use Twitter Lists to read your feed. You can set up interest categories, and tweets will be organized in that way. My lists include writers, magazines and news, technology, and publishers. Writing about this reminds me that I need to clean up and add to my lists! Here’s a link to Nina Badzin’s Twitter tips page that I used when I started with Twitter: Enjoy!


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