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How to make sure I include your comment

Comments are not just side notes on Darla Writes. They are important interactions that are useful to my readers. To be useful they must ultimately promote the goals of this blog.

I invite you to leave comments with your thoughts, praise, criticism, and suggestions. However, along with my invitation comes the following rules of common decency. In other words: I’ve welcomed you into my living room as a guest.  Now, here are the manners we use in my house:

  • Profanity of any type is not allowed.
  • Leave comments that help me give you more of what you want. For example, I’d love to know why you think a post is helpful and not just read “That’s helpful.”
  • If you have strong opinions about a post, please take time to think about your comment, and then state it respectfully. I invite healthy disagreements, but I will not tolerate character attacks. Rude, abusive, mean, hurtful comments or opinions are not allowed.
  • Your comment should add something of value to the discussion. Self and site promotions that don’t contribute to the discussion are not allowed. I delete these as well as comments with links to inappropriate sites.
  • Please keep your comment related to the post topic.
  • Commenting requires a user name and email. Anonymous comments are not accepted.
  • I may edit comments for length and grammar, and I may remove already-posted comments at any time without notice.
  • What I consider to be an unacceptable comment is according to my sole judgment.

Please remember that this is my blog. Every word published on Darla Writes is a reflection on me. Read my writing standard. If you find that Darla Writes doesn’t suit your needs, then I wish you well in your search through the blogosphere. There is certainly one out there that’s just right for you.

In short, you’re invited into the Darla Writes community. I look forward to many inspiring and productive conversations!